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Help! My Dog ate my Ornament!!!

In April 2019 I received an Etsy message from a new customer. She wanted to know if I might be able to recreate a favorite family ornament. Her dog Theo got a hold of the ornament and chewed up everything except the little face of the dog. Here's a pic of the original ornament and then a pic of all that was left....

We decided on the house shape, colors, and additional items to match pretty close to the original. I carved out the dog door so that the dog face would fit snugly inside. I touched up the face just a bit and painted around him to make it look like he'd always been sleeping there. Fido was not a family pet in the past, it was just the name on the original ornament. Since Theo was the culprit who ate the original, it seemed only fitting that he be memorialized on the replacement.

Another fun custom order request! The story is always as good as the end result.


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