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3" tall
2" wide
2" deep


This is a fun ornament for your furry friend! The doghouse is cut from balsa wood or bassword. It is painted with acrylic paint and has a rusted metal roof. There are little holiday lights around the roof (no they don't work). On the back is a yellow star with a paw print in the middle.


I personalize each ornament with the name on the sign above the door. I can easily put two or three names on the sign, or I can also put a husband's name above the door. I've made many a doghouse with a significant other's name above the door!


Make sure when you order that you specify the name you want, or, send me an message and we'll confirm the details.


There is a dog bowl outside the house with a bone wrapped in a bow. If there are two dogs I will put two bones and if there are more, we'll talk about how many bones will work.


This is a great gift for friends and family. One important note is make sure you have the correct spelling of the dog's name. There are a lot of unique spellings out there so check that out!


Each ornament has a brass wire hanging hook that is affixed to the roof.


One of the pictures shown group is an example of a memorial dog ornament. On the back of the ornament below the star I add a Forever in our Hearts sign. Let me know if you need this addition for a special memorial.  


Let me know if you have any questions or might need other additions to the dog house, we can work it out across email.


Thanks for your interest! 

Personalized Dog House Ornament

  • To purchase this item, click this link to my Etsy Shop.

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