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This box is currently out of stock. 


Overall:  2 1/4” high X  6 1/4” wide” X  4 1/4” deep  


This is a handmade fabric covered box.  Using book making techniques, the batik fabric is backed with Japenese paper which stiffens it and allows it to be cleanly wrapped around cardboard.


I make each box by hand with archival cardboard.  I prepare the fabric then wrap the cardboard frame.  The solid color fabric is bookbinding fabric.  The ceramic tile was handmade by an Ohio artist.  Each leaf tile pattern is unique.  The tile is set into the top which is lined with foam to provide the softer lid look.  


The inside of the box is fully lined with the batik fabric.  The inside of the lid is the solid colored book cloth.  The lid is attached to the box along the back.  


All my boxes are unique, if you have special fabric you would like covering a box, contact me and we can discuss a custom order.  


Thanks for your interest in this item! 

Fabric Covered Small Box

  • This item is currently out of stock.

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